Experience the Blue Zone!

The Blue Zone at Purpose Church, is your Pathway to greatness. Here, you get to learn the mind of God and His initial plan and intent for your life. Believe it or not, but everything that God created has a Purpose and a Unique design. Often times thousands and even millions of people struggle in knowing exactly what they are Purposed or “ suppose to do on Earth and in the Kingdom”.

On Earth, can be defined as what you do in your home, how you treat your family, how you conduct business or better how you manage all that God gives you. What’s the impact you make on those you come in contact with.

In the Kingdom, what gifts and talents do you have and how you use them to build the Lords church. Simply put how will you use your gifts to express the will and love of God to those you meet and see.

It’s all about growing! Purpose Church, will help you “ find your purpose at Purpose!” You must be there!


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